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The Racha region in northwest Georgia is a breath of fresh air.  If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket on one of the small planes that fly from Natakhtari to Ambrolauri, make sure you have a window seat to enjoy the view over huge swathes of pristine pine forest that form part of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.  Home to bears, wolves, and the Nordmann Fir (Europe’s most preferred Christmas tree) these forests are magnificent, and some have fantastic trekking trails winding through them.  The region is also home to one of my favourites,  Nikortsminda cathedral, built in 1010 during the reign of Bagrati III of Georgia.  I can see why Georgians love Racha, a favoured holiday destination for many who come for the peaceful pace of life, abundant nature, and excellent wine and smoked ham. 

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Travel Guide to Kakheti Wine Region

If you want to gaze out over the vineyards of Alazani Valley – a glass of amber wine in hand – and enjoy the majestic vistas of the Caucasus, then it’s time to take a journey to Kakheti, the most important wine region of Georgia – a land whose breathtaking landscape will leave you as tipsy as its wine.This journey will take you back in time to introduce you to the most ancient winemaking techniques and let you taste unique wine.

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It’s a four and a half-hour train ride from Tbilisi to Samtredia in the Samegrelo province in western Georgia.  The journey takes you through some beautiful landscapes of green forests following a winding river – balm for the eyes after the city heat, so make sure you get a window seat.  Samegrelo province is distinctive for several reasons - most predominantly the food and wine.  Megrelian food is deliciously exotic and spicy; a result of once being an important coastal region on the Silk route, where trade flowed from Asia to the West.  People from the region speak their own language - Megrelian (although they write in Georgian), and this land was once a part of the ancient Kingdom of Colchis, the Land of the Golden Fleece in which the mythical adventures of Jason and the Argonauts are recorded.

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Colchic Rainforests and Wetlands of Georgia were added to the UNESCO's World Heritage List

The site comprises seven component parts within an 80km long corridor along the warm-temperate and extremely humid eastern coast of the Black Sea. They provide a series of the most typical Colchic ecosystems at altitudes ranging from sea level to more than 2,500 meters above it.

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Tbilisi simmers in the summer sun.  It’s a vibrant city I’ve come to love in the short time I’ve already been here, a city I knew I would return to time and again after my first visit ten years ago. 

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Covid-19 has significant effect on increased demand of remote working, therefore a lot of international and local companies switched to distance working setup, which appears to be an opportunity for various directions.

Good news about visa to Georgia!

Getting to Georgia just became easier. Good news for those who had to apply for the Georgian visa, checking the e-visa page and thinking what to do. Recently the Government of Georgia simplified the procedure for you. Now, those who possess a visa and/or a residence permit of any country listed in the following list may enter and stay in Georgia without visa for 90 calendar days in any 1

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10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Georgia

Qoruldi Lakes Svaneti. On a high mountain plateau 3 small lakes slumber under the calm watch of surrounding snowy peaks. Photo credit: OutdoorUkraine This plateau is situated right above Mestia, the main town of Svaneti region. Reachable for 4x4 cars. Water is cold and murky, so swimming is not a good idea. Anyway the main beauty of this place are it's breathtaking panoramic views. Udziro

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Racha - Georgian Switzerland

Author: Михаил Голубев The summer of 2013 I spent in Racha - a mountainous region of Georgia, which is not very well-known among travelers. When it comes to mountains in Georgia, first names that come to mind are Svaneti, Gudauri or Bakuriani. But this time, let me tell you of Racha. Detailed information about this land, it's maps, routes, etc, you can find in my LiveJournal. Af

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Dry Bridge Flea Market – Best Place for Unique Souvenir Shopping in Tbilisi

Located in Tbilisi’s historic old town, 20 minutes walk from Freedom Square, Dry Market is the place, where you can buy literally every souvenir you ever dreamed of. Source: Megapass   Source: Econet Source: Econet Even more, alongside traditional, typical tourist trinkets you can encounter old military medals from WWII, old enamel, Soviet kitsch, handmade jewelry (sometim