Why it's worth to travel to Georgia in autumn

If you have already heard about Georgia as a travel destination, you might rather see it as a place to go swim in the Black Sea or conquer the slopes of one of the winter resorts. UNESCO Heritage might also be in the list of activities you can do in our country. But what is so special about Georgia in autumn? Is there something like mid-season for travelers and tourists? For a first-time visitor it must be difficult to decide. So we’ll explain! Main perks of autumn in Georgia are…

1.Mild start

This season officially starts in Georgia in September, but it doesn’t feel like real autumn. It’s rather mild summer without extreme temperatures, as you can enjoy the weather in the city without getting dizzy or at the coast, swimming in the sea. You might already need a cardigan in the evening, but at least till mid-October you won’t need really warm clothes.

2.Grape harvesting season

September is not only “fourth month of summer” in Georgia, but also a fifth season! Grape harvesting (“rtveli” in Georgian) is essentially important for everybody, not just for those, who is involved in the agriculture. It’s also a cultural thing, which unites families and brings together far relatives.

Recently the peasants started welcoming travelers at their farms during rtveli time, so that the people from outside could better understand this 8000-years-old tradition. Ask Georgian travel agencies, if they offer such a service, if you didn’t manage to meet people, whose relatives possess a vineyard!

3.Mountains are beautiful!

Of course, they are beautiful anytime, and we always remind you on multiple shades of green, as you travel there in summer, but autumn slowly brings more and more colours into this palette. Traditional purple and golden are just few of them!

4.Hiking routes are still hikeable

You also might have read about those Most Dangerous and Challenging Roads Which Are Accessible Only In Summer. Like, the roads to Tusheti, Khevsureti and Svaneti, for example. But sometimes, if you are lucky with weather (it means, autumn is dry), you can still go to Tusheti in September. The road to Svaneti has also got much better, and you can go there with the car or even a small plane of VanillaSky. Khevsureti is also available in September for sure, and Kazbegi is waiting for you till the late autumn.

Many things depend on the snowfalls, but usually in the first half of autumn season you won’t have problems with going to the mountains at all. Just check any reliable weather forecast website in advance.

5. Fashion and theatre are on the rise

In September Batumi is traditionally hosting an international theatre festival, and Tbilisi is becoming not just a capital of Georgia, but a regional fashion capital in October. Tbilisi Fashion Week is taking place from 19 till 23 of October in 2016, so follow the updates, if you want to join the major fashion event of the season!

6. All of Georgia in one place

Traditionally in the end of October, on the weekend, Tbilisi celebrates the city’s day called Tbilisoba. It attracts people from many regions, who bring there the products of harvest. Theatre, folk dance and song performances are held on the streets of the old town; souvenirs and different types of food are sold all around; good mood and cheerful vibe is pulsating in people! A great reason to undertake at least a weekend trip to Georgia.

7.Arts and photo festivals

Autumn is the time, as people come back from vacation, so it means that urban life starts booming again. Tbilisi is usually hosting a photo festival, which takes place not just inside of various galleries, but also at the street. Night of Photography is one of the best parts of it.

New exhibitions are coming to the museums and galleries of Georgia in autumn as well. So if you are in any city on a rainy day, ask where the closest museum is. It will be a good option, because Georgians like to create!

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