Writing Prompts for Paragraph Writing and Essay Writing: 2021

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    David Joe 3 months ago

    Are you looking around for some amazing prompts to write my essay? Choosing a right topic for your essay is the most important step before writing an essay. Many students fail to choose the appropriate prompt for their essay and this is why they end up messing their entire essay up. Many students choose topics for their essay out of hassle then they find it complicated and boring. You have to be very careful while choosing a topic for your essay.



    There is no need to worry if you have run out of topics and you don’t know what topic to write essay for me and choose. You have to be mindful while selecting a topic for your essay because you need to add different elements in your essay to make it appealing and essay to the readers. You should go for the topics you know or already have knowledge about. You can choose any topic in which you have to describe your personal experience.

    Describing an event or a memory that took place would be easier for you to describe in your essay. The topic should not be boring and dull because you have to make your topic dramatic through words emotions, themes, setting etc. the best way to write my essay for me is to draw a picture of the subject of your essay in your head and describe it accordingly. Don’t stress out if you can’t think of many ideas i will share a list of prompts to write an outstanding essay. 

    I have collected a list of prompts for you that can help you choose an appropriate topic.

    Essay writing prompts 

    1. Describe the most difficult challenge that you have ever faced and overcame?
    2. Describe your best memory of childhood
    3. Describe the best place you have ever been to 
    4. Describe the personality of your favorite celebrity 
    5. Describe your best friend’s birthday party
    6. Describe one of the worst moments of your life
    7. Describe a concert of your favorite singer you attended
    8. Describe the time when you met your best friend’s parents
    9. Describe your ideal personality 
    10. Describe beauty 
    11. Describe the most embarrassing moment of your life
    12. Describe that moment when you felt proud 
    13. Write about your lifetime achievement 
    14. Write about the memory that makes you angry 
    15. Describe the time when you feel scared 
    16. Describe your favourite place for vacations 
    17. Tell us about your first day at school? 
    18. Describe your first love
    19. The most important event in your life 
    20. The happiest memory in your life 

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