Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Business

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    Bruce Banner 1 month ago

    1. Removing delays and other productivity barriers

    Replace email with instant messaging, calling, and file sharing. Connect at the speed of light with Microsoft Teams, start a quick chat with one or more co-workers, reply instantly with a short message or reaction, so you and your team can always be in sync. Businesses can migrate to the new Office 365 with the help of Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services.


    2. No more – ‘hey-when-was this decided?

    People are always in loop while spending less time sending updates to team members. Conversations in Microsoft Teams are persistent and threaded, so it is easy to track topics and catch up on what you missed.


    3. Mending cultural gaps

    Even with team members in different locations, Microsoft Teams makes your conversations feel like a quick water cooler chat, promoting the sense of being together for one common cause. Add some fun with animated GIFs, memes, stickers and emojis.


    4. Include people outside your company

    Since teamwork also involves people from outside your company – like vendors, freelancers, copywriters, and consultants – it’s vital to include them in conversations. Microsoft Teams makes this easy to do with secure guest access.


    5. Making meetings more engaging and productive

    The meeting is set up for audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, shared notes, and chat. When you’re on the go, join the meeting from your phone for a great meeting experience.


    6. Engage with meeting participants

    By sharing the content on your device, remote attendees can follow along as if they were in the meeting room with you. Attendees can actively participate in Microsoft Teams using chat, an integrated digital whiteboard.


    7. Missed a meeting? No problem! Access the recording

    Recording is one of the key benefits of Microsoft Teams. Record the Microsoft Teams meeting so people can ‘attend’ or review the meeting later. The video of the meeting will be automatically transcribed. Viewers can search for specific terms and jump directly to the right part of the recorded meeting.


    8. No more ‘Can’t-find-the-file-please-send-the-mail-again’!

    Too much time is lost hunting for scattered information and tools related to a project. With Microsoft Teams, you can access files, conversations, and apps in one workspace.


    9. Work together on Office documents

    No more juggling multiple versions when reviewing documents, spreadsheets, or presentations as a team. Edit and review files at the same time using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote without leaving Microsoft Teams.


    10. Never miss a conversation

    Use @mention to get someone’s attention in a channel conversation or a chat. Just type @ before their name. Your team member will be notified, and the message will appear in their Microsoft Teams notifications feed.

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