What to expect from Ajarian winter?

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Admit it: as you hear about Batumi and Ajara, you think of palm trees, sea, green parks, cycling along the wide boulevard, wine on the beach, discos, bars, casinos, and of course, that famous boat-like khachapuri?

Do you really think that you can have it all only in summer? Well, in the warm season that lasts in Georgia from late April to mid-October. Of course, you should always check the weather before planning a trip, it can be tricky. But in general, we can assure you that if you decide to spend part of your winter vacation there, you’ll get 90% ob above mentioned things. Maybe swimming in the sea is not the best idea in winter, but the rest is always there: khachapuri, wine, parks, bicycles, casinos, bars (but not beach bars, as you can imagine).


Local food seekers should not limit themselves with khachapuri. Ajarian cuisine is very rich! Try sinori and borano, another version of plenty of cheese, warmth and love. Joking aside: nothing is cooked without love in Ajara! Once we wrote about this - if you're interested, take a look at this article on Georgia and Travel. It is also recommended to go to Batumi fish market, which is located on the outskirts of Batumi, direction Makhinjauri. You can buy delicious fresh fish and mussels and ask to prepare them right there in the nearest cafe.

Coffee Batumi style, which is brewed on sand in a special dish, is also a must try, especially after a hearty lunch. It is available not at every corner, but cafe "Twins" in the middle of the boulevard, «Old Boulevard», "Chocolate Room", as well as the Turkish quarter of the Old Town - this is where you should look for it.

Those who love history, but dislike long trips, can visit Petra and Gonio fortresses. Botanical Garden of Batumi at Green Cape is another great place for all seasons, where you can walk the whole day long, enjoying the fantastic subtropical nature and fresh air. And please don’t forget about the mountains! Batumi, Kobuleti, Kvariati and the other summer towns are nice, but you can also take a tour to the mountainous Ajara, find the driver or rent a car and use, for example, this route from the Geo-Information Center of Tourism: http://travelgis.ge/Tours?show=23&language=ru-RU&_=1446037524701. In Khulo and Keda municipalities there are definitely places to visit. Waterfall Mahuntseti, medieval arched bridges, Khikhani fortress, small wine farms – those are only the main attractions to see.

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Beside this, in 2015-2016 the Ajarian ski resort Goderdzi will be put into operation. Thus, you can celebrate winter holidays between snowy slopes and seaside. Isn’t it great?

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